5 Things You Need To Know About The Recent Repo Market

November 11, 2019

Recent chaos in the repo market in September 2019 drew investors’ attention around the world, forcing the Fed to intervene drastically to resolve the tensions.


Тhe Financial Сrisis of 2008 and Hedge Funds’ Overperformance

September 16, 2019

Durіng the 2008 financial crisis, global GDР plummeted in an unprecedented way, while Аmеrісаn and European hоusеhоlds lоst trіllіоns оf dollars of wеаlth іn wееks. However, signs of the crisis were visible long before it started to unfold and charismatic funds managers positioned accordingly and made fortunes for their investors.


The Madness Of The Crowd

July 22, 2019

Over time, investors around the world have repeatedly and blindly repeated irrational behaviors, leading to systematically destructive bubbles and subsequent crashes. Such irrational behaviors have been the subject of extensive research by behavioral scientists aiming to detect patterns in an attempt to prevent, manage and overcome sharp market swings.


Alternative Investments for Ordinary Investors

June 25, 2019

Alternative investment classes are expanding rapidly and allow investors to improve significantly their portfolio’s performance. However, their sometimes complex and restrictive nature raises concerns about growing inequalities in investment access.